Woot! SFTP!

Just released for your enjoyment, PTssh version 0.1.0! The biggest change in this version is support for SFTP. I spent most of my development effort on getting Sftp in place. Its not completely finished, but should be extremely usable.

Changelog for 0.1.0
New Features: SFTP support!
-Added SFTP support for version 3
-Added the multiple connection manager in order to demonstrate multiple threads utilizing one PTssh object.
-Fixed an issue that would sometimes crop up when sending a SSH_DISCONNECT message that the Socket Send/Receive threads would not correctly exit. Please note that theres still a few items that I need to work on so that when errors occurs threads shut down properly. If you find your client in what appears to be a deadlocked state, you've hit one of these areas that I'll soon be looking into ;p
-Removed the need for any developers to mess with initializing the Winsock library when building on Windows. All socket stuff is now taken care of internally. The examples have all been updated to reflect this.
-Added two SFTP examples: One shows how to use the C++ class method and the other shows how to use the shared library method ( .DLL or .SO)
-The SFTP manager has a hard-coded limit of a maximum of 10 outstanding requests at a time. This will be dynamic in the next release so you can have an infinite number. Its on my TODO list!
-The value of PTSSH has changed! I've moved it to be defined to 0. This makes PTssh conform to the general return value of 0 for success that most other C libs use. IT also allows me to still use the negative numbers for errors and also be able to pass back the actual SFTP error values (these are all positive 1+)
-Fixed the PTsshConfig.h section that allows you to optimize PTssh for 1000/100/10Mbps connections. You can now enable what you want to match how you expect your code to be used in order to have best performance and memory utilization.