The power of environmental variables in win

So shortly after I posted the first packaged release of PTssh, I realized that I completely forgot to mention in the README file that you need to setup your environmental variables so that PTssh can find certain things like Zlib, OpenSSL and pthreads. oops. So here's a little snippet:

Setup these env vars:
OPENSSL = c:\your\path\to\openssl\
ZLIB = c:\your\path\to\zlib
PTHREADS = c\:your\path\to\zlib

Now add the variables to your PATH variable, ex:
PATH = %SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%; ....%OPENSSL%\out32dll;%ZLIB%;%PTHREADS%\lib;

Now you may ask why in the world set an environment this way. Well, now it becomes incredibly easy to switch between different versions of OpenSSL, Zlib and pthreads by simply changing where a env. var points to. Slick eh?